Who We Are

We believe your bra should have the qualities of a best friend. Your bra should support you, uplift you, bring out your best, allow you to feel confident and contribute to your comfort. Your bra shouldn’t let you down until it’s time to be replaced, let’s face it - not all things last forever!

If you’re experiencing restricting bands, bands that don’t stay in place and ride up your back, gaping cups, falling straps or under-wire poking at your skin, our team of fitting experts will show you a better way.

Our promise at Inside Story is to introduce you to the perfect product. We invite you to relax as a team of experts curates your best fit. You deserve it! 

Our team believes we deliver high-quality service because you’re our sole focus. Inside Story operates on an Appointment Only basis.

Our 30-minute approach has proven to be a very positive experience. With the help of a few important questions during your booking process, you’re on your way to helping us prepare for your visit. Our bra-fitting experts will recommend products specifically catered to you.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Here at Inside Story Lingerie and Swim, our methods aren’t traditional,  meaning no tape measures in our building!

We’ve developed “the Accurate Art of Breastimation,” an ordered system targeting four main areas: band, cup, straps and shape. We educate and serve our clients during one-on-one fittings, welcoming them to join our community of Insiders.

We celebrate the diversity of our community by curating an inclusive collection of swimwear, bras and lingerie. We carry high-quality brands, all diverse in style, varying in size from 28-54 (A-K cup) with wireless and under-wired structures.

Our goal is to make you feel confident in the Story underneath your clothes! We want to empower you by promoting body neutrality; a principle focused on appreciating your body.

We want to connect you to your best self and celebrate YOU just as you are!


Lida Lisney


The Accurate Art of Breastimation

Often, women come into Inside Story Lingerie and Swim and request to be measured for a bra-fitting. I can’t tell you how many looks of scepticism I’ve received over the last 15+ years, when I say that we do not use measuring tapes.

If you’ve never been to an experienced bra-fitting, it’s fun, eye-opening and ego boosting! Come in to Inside Story Lingerie and Swim and let us support you!

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