Our goal is to make you feel comfortable as we listen to your concerns and needs. At Inside Story Lingerie and Swim, we don’t use measuring tapes as we’ve developed a 4-Part fitting system that works like a charm every time!  We need to look and put our hands on your back first and foremost – then comes the Accurate Art of Breastimation – the rest is pure Product Knowledge and 20+ years of Bra-Fitting experience!

The average time for a bra-fitting may vary based on your needs, but should not exceed an hour!

For a simple Bra-Fitting, 15 to 30 minutes with a Professional Bra-Fitter will do the trick.  Should you need a complete revamp of your underpinnings, an hour appointment will be reasonable. For Bra-Fitting plus Swim styling, 45 minutes is perfect!  We’re happy to take as much time (or as little time!) as your needs allow.

First and foremost, you just can’t wait to take the darned thing off at the end of the day! This is a clue that your bra isn’t doing its job. You should not be experiencing extreme discomfort, or even a little discomfort! Some other tell-tale signs of a poorly fitting bra are:,

  • your straps keep falling down off your shoulders
  • your back band is riding up your back because you’ve tightened those straps till there’s nowhere to go
  • you feel the bra wires are digging in
  • you’ve got gaping
  • you have 4 breasts instead of two when you wear a clingy top – we were born with two.

Ah, this one is my favourite!  It’s so dingy, you don’t recall the original colour.  You cannot see anything on the label anymore.  There are holes in your bra.  It’s become transparent in places. Let’s face it: we all have that gross bra that we need to say Bra-Bye to!

A good bra can last you different amounts of time, all depending on how often you wear it and how you look after it.  Therefore, it is challenging to give an exact time frame. .  To ensure a longer life span of your bras, keep a healthy rotation of bras, wash them (see question below on proper bra care), and let them rest every so often.  I can definitively tell you that a good quality bra will absolutely last longer than the cheaper quality alternative!

We recommend to be fitted once a year.  As women, our bodies change a lot in our lifetime.  Weight gain (join the boat everyone!), weight loss (smaller dinghy), menopause, hormones, pregnancy, workout routine, health issues are all common reasons to look after your breast comfort routinely.

Your bra will thank you and last much longer if you wash it after two wears. On a hot and humid day, wash your bra after each wear. A good quality bra will “contract” back into shape when you wash it properly. I’ve seen people afraid to wash their bras and ergo not wash their bras and lo and behold they stretch much quicker because of body oils and sweat. Plus, it’s gross. Using specific gentle plant-based wash is recommended such as Forever New and Soak. We recommend washing your bras very once or two wears, in a laundry bag with the hooks attached, with like colours in the Gentle/Delicate Cycle.  

During Covid, we used a By Appointment Only system that proved to work very efficiently for our clients.  Now, we do both! You are welcome to come in anytime during our store hours.  The advantage of Booking an Appointment is that we set aside a designated change room, just awaiting your arrival with pre-selected merchandise as per your request in the simple questionnaire – like a curated experience.  Also, in busy times, you’re guaranteed your room and will not have to wait.

Forget about letters and numbers!  B is the new D – we are inclusive in sizing!  A to M cups.  Keep an open mind and demand comfort for yourself – you deserve it!